Finding Babur in the World of Philately

In the world of philately, the theme of Mughals is not very a popular one – a fact that triggered me to hunt down such stamps for my amateur collection, especially on Mughal Emperors, their ancestors and broad Mughal themes. I could localize few of these – Uzbekistan issues on Timur and Babur, Mongolian issues on Genghiz Khan, few African countries on Shah Jahan and Bahadur Shah Zafar….but no country has issued anything on Akbar, the symbol of tolerance from Mughal India!

As I continue this journey of philately on Mughals, let me start with this one from Uzbekistan on Babur issued on 14 Feb 2008 to mark the 525th birth anniversary of Zahiruddin Muhammed Babur – the man who established the Mughal dynasty.

It is a sheet consisting of 9 stamps based on paintings from Baburnama:

The first one (top left) for example is: “Babur’s Coronation and Accession to the Throne of Ferghana”

The middle on top row is: “The inhabitants of Samarqand welcome Babur”

The right on top row is: “Babur in Herat at Sultan Husein’s House”

The center one on middle row is his portrait.

The left one on the middle row is: “Babur receives the Ambassador of Bengal”

The right one on middle row is: “Setting Kabul Fortress free from the mutiny”

The left on bottom row is: “Babur surveys the Mausoleum in the environs of Delhi”

The middle on bottom row is: “Khodja Seyaran spring in the vicinity of Kabul”

The right most on bottom row is: “Babur surveys the Palaces of Man Singh and Bikramajit”

Indeed, a very innovative issue! There is one more stamp on Babur issued by Turkey in 1987, that is on my hunting list😊

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