It is said that Delhi has almost 1400 historical monuments.. scattered remnants of layers of history, some refer it as a city of 7 cities, some 11 cities, some even more. So, even one is to explore one monument every single day, it will take almost 4 years to cover them.

Narratives on Delhi’s historical monuments are aplenty: from amateur writers penning down their experiences, to experts and archaeologists deliberating on historic structures. Similarly, such books in the English language have started appearing from as early as the late 18th century by the British that were the earliest translation of Persian texts.  Period wise, we have books on all of Delhi’s seven cities (some say the city has 15 or more such cities buried in its bosom) between their covers, some focus on one of the cities, some are coffee-table books, some attempt to create easy-to-follow guide-books for the monuments, etc.

While going through the vast collection of these valuable works, I found the need to tell the city’s forgotten stories, and weave them around the lesser-known monuments and structures lying scattered around the city. After all, Delhi is not a mere necropolis, as may be perceived by the un-initiated.

Each of these broken and dilapidated monuments speak of untold stories, and without that context, they can hardly make a connection, however beautifully their architectural style and building plan is explained.

My blog is, therefore, to combine actual on-site inspection of these sites, with interesting and insightful anecdotes of the historical personalities involved, and prepare essays with photographs and words that will attempt to offer a fresh angle to look at the city’s history. I have taken references from a wide variety of literature available – both online, and paper-format books.

It is not an attempt to be a guide or to simplify the city’s heritage: it is for people who want to lose themselves again and again in the narrow passages of history.

If you have any comments, please do share it. You can contact me as well at debasish7777@gmail.com.

Thank you once again for stopping by and going through my articles…

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